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Fifty Years

Question asked by fixbear on Sep 18, 2016
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Some of you have followed me on this blog, and I have even been lucky enough to have helped some of our most seasoned vets at our profession. I just want to relay some of my observations over the last 50 years of being a service tech.

A few years ago I was asked to repair a cheese case in a Cheese sales operation .The store set on a creek with a water wheel and little did I know that I had to go up in the foundry barn and climb down through a 2ft by 2ft hole on a hand made ladder into a unlighted hole that the soil was constantly falling into the creek. There was a pile of old compressors in the corner, wind blowing up from the creek, Snake skins everywhere, rat and raccoon sign all over the place. The case I was in to repair was a federal open top 12 ft long with 4 storage doors underneath.  It had a 3/4 hp. Tecumseh condenser with 3/8 liquid lines and 5/8 suction. line routing was about 4 ft. upward, thru the wall, across the floor and then 90 degrees left and into the cooler. Upwards in the cooler to the other end and to the Expansion valve. Total line length of about 30 ft. R12 system converted to R-401 A. Customer complaint is compressors only last 5 years. Case not cooling. Three condensers in the hole. one for a 2 door reach-in, one 6 ft.for a deli case, And one for the cheese case. Most of the compressors where frigdares and GE. Yea I know, I'm dating myself. Shop was heated with wood daytime and none at night. Anyone care to guess why the compressors would either ice up the case, or not start. Better yet why compressors only survive 4 to 5 years.