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The wind vane has broken and is dangling over the bow...

Question asked by ectofix on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by fixbear

Just about any other question that's NOT commercial kitchen equipment-related has been asked here, so why not throw in one about a BOAT?  Not really a question though.  Just a statement.  Maybe this can be construed as a RANT.  I can do that...


(Beginning of rant)


Appears that this Q&A forum that was initially launched as a "For techs, by techs" forum has lost its direction and is now afloat with NO control to maintain its heading...and so is now at the mercy of wherever the tides or winds carry it.


There's been NO response from ANY of the host members (partstown_chris {you happened to be first in the list}) for some time now, as is evidenced by there being absolutely NO responses to inquiries that are strictly parts-related.  Parts TOWN used to actually do their answer about PARTS...but now they don't. 


Otherwise, other forums I've frequented have an established set of forum rules, a clear definition of what the forum is about, an assigned set of members to be the moderators...and - given the trade-specific nature of our presumed topics - some established criteria for a hierarchy of levels for membership based upon results from a keen and well-defined measure of a member's level of knowledge.


There's no such direction here.  I get it though.  Albeit, Parts TOWN has seen many transitions within the past year.  New acquisitions (FESCO, Whaley) and investment companies (Summit, Berkshire Partners) have dominated the course of their future.  So...a little-ole tech forum that Parts TOWN started up nearly two years ago...has fallen into a "OH!  THAT?" category.  So, be it as it may - in the grand corporate world of acquisitions and investments - I foresee the plug being pulled on this little endeavor of theirs (this forum).


Even so, I gotta share some of my experience.


As I naively left behind 20-year military career behind in order to enter the private sector...twenty years ago, my SECOND career led me to discover I was smack in the midst of finding out that the well-founded, privately-owned company that I'd hired as my new employer - was soon to be acquired by an INTERNATIONAL corporation.  So...the CORPORATE set of principles.  The place that. I eventually discovered, drills their scripted ethics into your indoctrination, but fails to uphold and follow through in their proclaimed ETHICS. 


In my the subsequent years there in that CORPORATION, the working environment DRASTICALLY converted from a naturally personable company - with HIGH camaraderie among the employees (YES - a great place to work)...into a cut-throat, bean-counting bunch of newly hired managers that knew diddly-squat about a great place to spend eight hours a day, but were VERY efficient at tabulating beans.   In the grand scheme of it all, that's REALLY what's important.  Beans ($$$).  RIGHT?


(Rant over)


I may sound scornful.  I guess so.  I left that OTHER company five years find it all happening all over again with my CURRENT employer.  Our managerial level...some of them with nearly THIRTY years with the being let go as I write this.


IN THE MEANTIME...can somebody who may be watching this forum (maybe) help out.


My current MOST RECENT POSTS feed is now, for some reason, showing only posts from a year-or-more ago.  Something has gone awry.  SO...for any of the HOST'S members that may happen to be looking in on here...please fix THAT...or tell me what to do to fix that.