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Does the water level in the jacket of a kettle affect its effeciency?

Question asked by olivero on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by ectofix

I have multiple KGL-100 kettles from Cleveland I got a complaint today that one of them was working fine in the morning, then in the afternoon it would not heat up very fast and was taking a long time compared to the 2 other ones next to it.


I noticed the water level in the jacket water level indicator is lower than the 2 other ones, it is not below the low level making the low water indicator go off. I am wondering if that water level matters in terms of how fast the kettle will heat. The reason the water level went down was me calibrating the kettle and setting it a tad high, then I fixed the calibration so it stopped opening the relief valve but never bothered to refill and re vacuum but now I am wondering if that could be causing it.


The Chef pulled the PRV when the unit was pressurized as he knows something about the kettle in order to bring down the pressure and allow for more expansion in the jacket but I am just wondering if it would make a difference in efficiency if that water was kept to the high level. So I think it might have blown open again or leaking somewhere as well but In essence, this question is if the water level in the jacket affects the efficiency of the kettle.