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Control Board Failures on Lincoln 2500 CTI Ovens

Question asked by alnelson on May 2, 2016

Anybody seeing a very high failure rate of the control boards on the new digital Lincoln CTI 2500 ovens?


We have sold a few of them to several different customers, and most have needed the control board replaced during warranty. One unit has had the board replaced three times.


We are a new equipment dealer but not an authorized Lincoln service provider, so the board failures have been diagnosed and fixed by a different company who is a factory authorized service provider.


On one unit, the wires on the motor capacitor had been connected wrong so the blower motor was spinning backwards. But even after that was corrected the unit had another board failure.


In all cases, the failure mode has been the display screen not displaying properly, and the control board will not allow the oven to heat, either intermittently or all the time. 


Anyone else seeing these failures? Manitowoc KitchenCare says we are the only people seeing this issue.