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Preparing equipment for seasonal shutdown advise?

Question asked by davejohnsonnola on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by partstownjohn

I work at a horse racing track that has a five month season in the grandstand concessions and bars as well as a 500 seat restaurant.

We have a fleet of equipment spread out over the building much of it over 15 years old. True and Victory upright fridges and freezers. Some Delfield sandwich prep coolers. Ice-O-Matics for the most part, a couple of Manitowacs for ice and Pitco friers.


Any advise on shutting down at the end of the season? When I started this past year, was surprised at how much of it was left running, most fridges with nothing in it, though there were a couple of rude furry surprises.


This is my first experience dealing with fryers, I came from a year round bar operations background. Should the fryers after cleaning and boil out be refilled with fresh oil, or can they be left dry?


Aside from energy cost is there any advantage or disadvantage to shutting down the fridge, freezers and ice machines?