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Thought I would throw this question out there.Turbochef warming up all day.

Question asked by on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2016 by alnelson

Just had a call on a TurboChef Tornado customer said constantly warming up. However he had it off when I got there. I ran the oven through self test, everything passed. I checked fault code history, all 0(no faults). I should have turned the oven on at that point, but instead got the overwhelming desire to unplug the unit and restart everything. After that the oven started to warm with a countdown timer on the screen. Once the timer reached zero, it went to menu as normal. I had the customer cook something to make sure it was going to work. It did.If all components passed self test what could be the problem ? I just have the feeling I missed something. Could a partially stopped catalytic converter cause this issue? I was an after hours call, an I have a feeling I'll be back. No one like call backs especially the customer.