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Beverage Air KR48-1AS two door reach in, low suction pressure.

Question asked by tommiwv on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by fixbear

First tech who looked at it put a tap valve on low side and told me it was about 8 in a vacuum.  He added r134a until he had about 4 lbs backpressure.  It kinda worked, but not right..cold control shut it off to quick, and it would start again to soon.  I know how finicky the charge can be on these things, so I evacuated unit, recharged with r134a 12.7 ounces per nameplate spec, leak checked evaporator, and started unit..still in a vacuum, although only about 2 inches into it  I suspect plugged cap tube, but this cap tube is seems to be in two pieces...a smaller size cap tube from the filter drier about 2 to 3 foot in length, brazed to a slightly larger size cap tube right before it disappears in to box.  Is this smaller cap tube a separate item from the whole cap tube assembly, and can it be ordered by itself? the parts lists I have looked at, i see only one size id and length for this box.  The brazing of one cap tube to another is the first time I've seen this.  Anyone else ever run into a problem like this?