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Where ARE you?

Question asked by ectofix on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by alnelson

I haven't decided which is funnier:

  • How much freon to put in an ice bin...or
  • Prospects for changing the ENGINE in a MIXER!


Are there any TECHNICIANS HERE with VALID and SOLID technical questions?  Ones which indicate you've actually troubleshot to your wit's end and can answer questions regarding what you've checked so that other TECHS can assist with their experience and knowledge to help you proceed forward to a decisive resolution of the problem?  After all, this was started as a forum "For Techs, By Techs" at one point.


This place is looking pretty sad.  All questions seem to be coming from DIYers that don't a CLUE as to what they're asking and the PartsTOWN folks doing their bet to keep this forum afloat. 


Additionally, if we (as techs) do happen to get this going, is there also a possibility that some feedback be the normal practice as a matter of standard decorum?