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True unit temp issue

Question asked by iceman1008 on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by davejohnsonnola


I have a True refrigerator unit model # TSSU-27-12M-C. The original problem was a plugged cap tube. The coil of tubing had frosting on the last 10" of piping and was warm closer to the filter (2 min after start up). Pressures were normal for the 1st minute and then dropped as the pipe froze up. Replaced piping with OEM cap tube and new EK-032 Cap drier. Unit would then run beyond freezing and not shut off no matter what the setting. Replaced the T-stat with Ranco A12-1560 (normal truck stock). The unit now runs at 42 deg. Running pressures close to temp (40ish) are 18psi low and 130 psi High.  Anyone have an idea as to what could be the problem?