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The Call

Question asked by russfesco on May 6, 2015
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The "Call",

The call that every tech hates. The call that in the description contains the word " INTERMITTENT". You could show up on the job and the piece of equipment , be it hot or cold., could be doing what they claim. You could show up and sit there for hours monitoring everything on the system with what feels like every tool out of your service truck, and the unit Cadillac's the whole time. No problems!

Then the "No Problems " actually become a problem. As you are there in front of the equipment, with all your meters and gauges hooked up, and you're waiting for it to fail and the manager walks by. Looks at his watch and says "Hows it going? How much longer?" Now you have to make a decision. I've been here 2, 3 or maybe even 4 hours now and cant get the unit to fail. If I stay he's going to be mad. "All tech did was sit here for hours and still didn't fix my unit." or pack up and leave with the gut feeling you know he's going to call you back out there. It's still down. "It's doing the same thing." I don't like intermittent problems. I personally on the first call out there, if I cant get unit to fail, will get with the manager and give them the choice of me sitting there on his clock til I can get it to fail, start changing parts (which I do not recommend, doesn't make you look good) and can get costly or I say let's wait and see, it will show itself.

The question of how long should I sit here and wait for this unit to act up, is a question I have always asked other people Techs, and management and I have never been given a definite answer. So I leave this out there for all to comment about or tell of your "Intermittent " stories.