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Question asked by bustedknuckles on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by ectofix

The premise of this forum is solid in that the food service field could use a central point for collective knowledge. A place to ask questions, share experiences and learn from the trial and error of others. Tips and time saving tricks shared between myself and coworkers has certainly saved us time and effort on jobs. The end result being a less stressed technician and a happier customer.


Asking a technical question and getting an answer is great, but as far as a forum format asking an on the job question is not likely. You are looking for an immediate answer and I don't see a tech on the job waiting for a response. That being said, once this site is established, if that question has already been asked and answered that's where the quick help comes into play. Posting discussions and blogs I feel is a great way to share knowledge and experience for others to log on and read and learn. I am working on posting a blog soon to just that. Just my 2 cents...


I have a question on how and who deems a question answered? The rest I understand...


I encourage the rest of the members here to add to this.


What are your thoughts? How would you like to see this site work? What would make it better in your opinion? Do you have a hair pulling, butt scratching story on a specific piece of equipment that you'd be willing to share?


What say you?