How To Clean Condenser Coils On Refrigeration Units

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"Hi there! My name is Joe, and I’m with Parts Town tech support. Today I’m going to go over cleaning the coils on commercial and residential units. I’ll walk you through disassembly and the easy steps you can take to make sure your unit runs great.


"Cleaning should be done every three or four months. The first step is to remove the outside grill to expose the condenser coil. Then the condenser coil should be cleaned with a soft brush. Avoid using any harsh detergents or stiff brushes as they may damage the coil.


"On residential units you simply remove the coil cover and then clean the coil. It’s a little smaller, but the same exact idea. Just use a soft brush, or if you want, you can use a small vacuum. No stiff brushes and no solids!


"These simple steps can be done on your own to make sure that your equipment runs efficiently and to lower your cost of electricity."