How can I test the filter pump motor on an Evolution Elite fryer when there is no pump switch?

Discussion created by hennypenny_pete on Mar 9, 2015

Test the filter pump motor by using step #5 of the filter menu "Fill From Pan".

This step will pump oil from the drain pan up to the fry pot.  Use caution not to overfill the fry pot in the case there is oil in the drain pan.

  1. Press and hold either "F" (filter) button to enter the filter menu.  The control board displays "1. Express Filter"
  2. Scroll to step 5 "Fill from Pan" using the "P" (program) button
  3. Press the "1 √" button to pump.
  4. Press the "1 √" button again to confirm.  When "Filling" appears on the display, you will be able to hear and verify if the motor is running.  If no sound, don't forget to check the troubleshooting tips listed below
  5. Press "2 x" to stop filling.


filter menu.JPG


Remember to check the following if the motor doesn't run:

  • Make sure that the Vat #1 (far left) power cord is plugged in on Electric Evolution Elite fryers.  this power cord provides voltage to the pump motor.
  • When the motor is cool, try to reset the thermal overload located on the back side of the motor.  This reset usually won't press in by hand.  Use the tip of a screwdriver to gently press in on this red reset button
  • On electric fryers, check to see if one of the white reset breakers for the filter pump motor tripped (open the left door and the breakers are located at the top of the door opening .  If you push in on these breakers and they click, the breaker reset.  Test the motor to see if there is still trouble.