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Hola qué tal  buen día a todos, espero y me puedan orientar, tengo un problema con un horno blobgett modelo:BC-20G, me esta marcado; Erorr #02 sonda probé caldera, ya le cambió el termostato de tacto número de parte BLR8012 en va en la caldera, y nada me sigue marcado en error, e incluso hice la prueba cambiando el kit de  float switch. Pero sin… (Show more)
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Hey now! I’m required to pass 2 cffesa tests this year and I’m still relatively new to this field,been doing it for going on 3 years now.Where do I start,what study guides are available and are there any on line help or videos? Any advice is appreciated,Thanks 
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Which would you recommend, a Groen or Cleveland kettle? I need to purchase an 80 or 100 gallon kettle, natural gas, tdo with tri-clover flange, tilting. Which heats faster, Groen or Cleveland? Which gets hotter? Durability? Ease of cleaning? Which is better engineered? Which has better heat thru put?
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I have a Manitowoc under the counter ice machine. Model#UD 0310W-161B. When turned on it will cycle once. After the one cycle the water gets really hot. It does not cycle again,just runs hot water constantly over evaporator. Does anyone have a solution?
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Rational oven scc1010 displays gas reset.... possible causes?
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I have 2 machines doing the same thing slow to heat. controller calling for heat. igniter sparking,gas block releases gas, blower working ,flame burns for 20 to 30 sec..shuts down for 10 sec.(cycles). everything working as it takes over an hour  to get to 330 deg. what am I missing?
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What are the steps to calibrate an imperial ir-6 36014 thermostat
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cannot shut machine down or look thru system, not able to scroll on screen to machine will go into freeze cycle but not harvest, cannot go to manual harvest.
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Can the mixing shaft of a Waring WSB Immersion blender be disassembled and rebuild? If so, are there any breakdowns of the disassembly?
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