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I have a Manitowoc under the counter ice machine. Model#UD 0310W-161B. When turned on it will cycle once. After the one cycle the water gets really hot. It does not cycle again,just runs hot water constantly over evaporator. Does anyone have a solution?

Not mine, really.  Just where I work.  I did it.  It blew up because of something I did.   FIRST, PICTURE THIS IN A RESTAURANT KITCHEN:   One of those half-wall setups (about 5’ high) with a hot-line on both sides of it.  Cooking equipment on both sides, under a common hood.  Electric, gas and steam heated
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Hey now! I’m required to pass 2 cffesa tests this year and I’m still relatively new to this field,been doing it for going on 3 years now.Where do I start,what study guides are available and are there any on line help or videos? Any advice is appreciated,Thanks 
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Which would you recommend, a Groen or Cleveland kettle? I need to purchase an 80 or 100 gallon kettle, natural gas, tdo with tri-clover flange, tilting. Which heats faster, Groen or Cleveland? Which gets hotter? Durability? Ease of cleaning? Which is better engineered? Which has better heat thru put?