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Hey Guys,   So I am running into an issue with my 3 bin deep fryer, model is: FM3CFESC and serial is: 0911HJ0011,10,09 for all 3 bins.   2 of the 3 are intermittently dying while running, the main flame will be on and it will suddenly just turn off along with the pilot (if I remember correctly).   I know there is a thermopile for
 have a few TurboChef NGC ovens.I have a problem with grease getting into the all the components.Im not sure as to why this is, some are from 2006 or 2009. I started replacing the catalytic converter thinking this will help. has anyone been doing this and if so , how long does it need to be done
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hi. i have a MIM452 and when i go to turn it on it makes the first batch of ice then stops. thats when the green light starts to flash. i hit the mode button to make ice again and it starts working. it only does one batch then have to hit the button every time.