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the unit will start and the water flows normally the lights on the control board are lit no codes present but the compressor will not start unless I push in the contactor. could the control board be bad or the contactor have replaced the start relay.
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I have an Indiglo IY0450 ice machine that is making ice but will eventually go into safe mode.  I am getting E08 TXV faults with every the tune of about 80 faults per day.  After going into the freeze cycle the difference between T3 and T4 is 37F.  I believe it should be less than 12F at 5 minutes after the freeze cycle
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New member looking for some info in regards to indigo seies model # IY0324A-161. Have had machine for little over 1 year. Wverything has been fine until past week. Continually getting T3 and T4 code as well as long harvest. Temperatures running all over the place as well. Im not a tech so any help would be appreciated. Restaurant located in a