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Rational SCCWE202G Gas Reset Error

Question asked by ares on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by holmanelectrical

Have a 2 year old Rational SCCWE202G repeat “gas reset” error when running unit on dry or steam or combination of both. Performed all the usual tests, air intake tubes are spotless, fans running, electrode reading correctly, flu gas analysis is spot on, dynamic gas pressure same, spot on, never happens while I am on site, ran for 5 hours yesterday “empty” which is obviously not under a cook load so not cycling the way it would under a load, but still never got the error while running the entire 5 hours empty. My next line of attack, (unless otherwise persuaded) is to pull the burners? I have read alot of the messages here and on HVAC forum which Ectofix is also a contributor, but havent seen this particular issue. I am half expecting to find a dead mouse inside of burner. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated, as always.