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Gravy calls

Question asked by russfesco on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by ryanreid1

Received a call today that " None of my fryers are working ". Being the customer oriented person that I am , I called the customer up and asked a few questions. Such as are they electric or gas? Her response was " I seen them get plugged in once". Ok. I asked if they were plugged in and she replied " yes ,I think so, but the display says OFF". said " when iI turn them on they flash Ignition Failure". So I asked if the gas had been turned off and told her to check the quick connect gas hose and make sure it was securely connected. Her reply was " What gas?" .

Anyway, when I arrived on site and walked over to the fryers and the big red handle on the ball valve to the right of the fryers was turned off. I got the manager over and showed her the valve and explained the open and closed position to her then let her turn it on.  We then walked to the front of the fryers and turned them all on and they all came on. I waited for all 3 fryers to heat up to temp and make sure all was well , then I went to the managers office to get my ticket signed and she said " you're not gonna charge me for this are you? I turned it on , you just stood there. why should I pay you for that?". Can't begin to  tell how many of those calls have come thru here over the years.


Had one, when I was in Virginia, many many years ago. It was 11pm on a Friday nite. My beeper goes off ( Yes I said I called in to get the call and it was a walk-in freezer down at a nationwide chicken establishment. So i called the customer and asked the normal questions, Power on? "yes" was the reply. Are the fans running? "nope, I think it's stuck in defrost" is the answer to this one. I again asked about the power and explained that I was to hours away from them and the manager demanded " I quit wasting time and get there, or he was gonna have to move food".

I got ready and left. I showed up there at about 1:10am and the manager was gone. Employee told me he had loaded is trunk full of chicken and took it to another store. Said he would be back shortly to get another load. So, I proceeded to check the freezer. First thing I found was no power at the disconnect. Cant tell you how happy I was at that moment (easy money). I went to check the breaker and panels were blocked by Pepsi product. From were i was standing , I could see the panel doors were open and these towers of product were right up against them. We moved the product out of the way and found the breaker to the walk-in freezer was turned off. It had gotten bumped when the product was set in front of it. I turned the breaker back on and the freezer came on right away. I stayed and monitored it until the manager arrived back , to make sure all was well .  Manager upon arrival was ecstatic that the freezer was running, that was short lived until he found out what was wrong. Then he started the "I'm not paying for this, you came all the way out here and flipped a breaker on". I had to remind him that I asked him several times about the power and the breaker.  After a few minutes he calmed down and said "I will sign your ticket , but please put something on it other than you arrived and found breaker off.".

How about anyone else? Got any you want to share?