Bakers Pride Dante Series

Discussion created by ares on Sep 5, 2019
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Im curious, been in this business 35 years, almost 20 on my own. Has anyone ever seen a price increase like the recent one on Bakers Pride Dante series burners? Part L5027V and a few of the other parts for this unit. The L5027V as of July was list price around $137, it went up in the beginning of August to $3128, yes you are reading this correctly. I am responsible for more than 100 of these units, either CH10 or XX10 which as you guessed, uses 10 burners, 10 radiants. Needless to say I am no longer buying these and have switched over to aftermarket burners.  I actually tried to figure out the justification for this increase for a few days then just gave up. A typical rebuild of 10 burners & 10 radiants would now cost approx $40K, Im pretty sure I wouldnt be doing any. I have also been tracking the inventory levels on Partstown and theyve actually sold a few at the new price, which with the typical 30 off would cost around $19000 just in burners at cost. What imbecile is actually ordering these? How many of these imbeciles have recently been fired? Truly a bizarre world.