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Pitco 40D Fryer Issues

Question asked by mclancey13 on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by mclancey13

have two new Pitco 40D fryers on a concession trailer. One fryer i was able to get started. I had it set for 350 degrees and after about 30 minutes it shut off and I couldn’t get it started again. The pilot would light but no matter how long I held the pilot switch in for it would go out when I released it.  The second fryer I was able to get the pilot lit but could never get the fryer to start. The trailer was on a little bit of a slope so the fryers weren’t completely level. Any ideas what the problem might be?


i’m running 2 100lb propane tanks. I also have a 36” griddle that was running and was using a stove burner or 2.  I did also try getting them going with the stove completely shut off.