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What is TechTOWN?

TechTOWN is the industry's first online community designed specifically for people working with foodservice equipment. It was created as a platform for those users to connect and ask or answer each others questions. With social networking capabilities such as following other members and manufacturer brands, automatic notifications, and "liking" posts, technicians can solve problems faster and make restaurant operators happier.


Is there a subscription fee or other charge to use TechTOWN?

No, TechTOWN is completely free. We only require that you complete a short registration if you would like to post a question or reply to other members of the service community.


What information do I need to share to register?

The registration includes required information such as your email address. A valid email address is required to limit spammers and to receive automated emails when other members answer a question you asked, begin following you, or post new content to a manufacturer you are following.


How do I get started?

First, register your account. Once you've registered, invite other technicians or operators within your company or that you know to register. You can look up other members using Search on the Members page. Begin following any other user to get updates when they post questions or answers throughout TechTOWN. You may also follow any manufacturer brand page you frequently service, to be notified when new questions or answers are posted on those pages.


What if I have a question about the TechTOWN website?

Email your question to techtownsupport@partstown.com and a community administrator will be happy to answer your question.


Why was my post deleted?

TechTOWN is an open community created to improve knowledge sharing among technicians in the foodservice industry. To ensure all members have a good experience, we require members to abide by TechTOWN Terms of Use. Violating those terms with profanity, defamatory posts, excessive marketing, or other prohibited activities may result in a member's posts being removed. If violations continue, we reserve the right to delete the user account. Please review the full Terms of Use for details.