• Waring mode cb15 needs new bearings  what to suggest your customers do?

    i always have this dilemma when repairing this cb15 bowl bearings? do I recommend the customer purchasing the hole assembly with the bearings and seal already in place for around 500$ or is repairing it, installing ne...
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  • how do I replace a drive clutch on my Waring extreme blender MX 1050 XTP?

    I have it apart but there doesnt seem to be a way to get the drive off. ive tried both clockwise and counter. is there a trick that im missing?
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  • I have a model WSB70, which sounds like the bearings are starting to go in the motor, do you have a breakdown on the motor assembly?

    I have my own maintenance team that can repair all sorts of equipment. We would like to know if the unit is rebuildable? and if so a breakdown? Also, is the 21" head assembly rebuildable? or do we need to completely ...
    Matt Wensel
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  • Waring WSB33

    Can my Waring WSB33 be repaired? It hums but blade won't turn.
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  • Model number, Blendor

    I cannot find a model number on my Waring Blendor. It only says, catalog number 702 on the base
    Barbara Parker
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