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Steven Rippy
My refrigerator is not cooling. I have cleaned the condenser coil, checked to see if the evaporator coil frozen, replaced the relay and sensor defrot. The unit come on and tries to cool down and you can feel the hear the coolent moving and after a hour of running the lines going to the compartment freezes over and the inside compartment is warm.… (Show more)
in Turbo Air
My turbo refrigerator is always coming open, could the magnets be weak
in Turbo Air
Can a Turboair glass door refrigerator be left in a garage that would be subject to freezing temperatures? If not is unplugging it enough or would it be needed to be moved to a non-freezing location?
in Turbo Air
I have a MST-=72 and it is not getting cold enough it is staying at 57 degrees'. I also have  the dale turned all the way and still no changes. what parts would need to be replaced to achieve a cooler temp.? or any other suggestions?
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obidio badillo
list of distributors
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Hi, I have a Turbo Air TGM 11RV and don't the type of light bulb it needs? The old bulb was misplaced.
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