• Check your Rational SCC oven hoses

    I maintain SCC ovens dated from 2004 to present.  All of those have Rational's built-in self-cleaning feature to a certain degree (cleanjet only or cleanjet+carecontrol).   One of our 2010 model ovens recen...
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  • Hi Olivero, Thank you for your good explaination.

    My next question is, I'd check the continuity between heater element terminal & the body, found  continuity reading. This one make me confuse, is it normal & safe.
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  • We have scc202model machine its newone unit its getting tripped while self testing at the water system checking time

    We have brand new machine scc we202unit I started and run the self testing mode it is getting tripping while checking water function
    Keshab poudel
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