• In my IFS-40 WAT Imperial deep fryer the gas will not light what can I Do. Cannot find the manual

    Pilot light will stay lit. Its a very old unit not sure if the wires need replaced
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  • we have imperial model IR-2-G24-36 oven burner wont light ,pilot light still on

    what parts i need to 
    howard deng
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  • we have in Imperial stove model IR-6-g-24-cc .HOW DO YOU LIGHT THE GRIDDLE?

    we can not get it to light
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  • how do you remove the bottom cover on the over to access the information plate?

    How do you remove the bottom cover to access the information plate?
    Gene Fuller
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  • Imperial icv2 burner

    I have an Imperial Gas oven ICV-2 double deck, the oven goes on and reches the temperature without any problem but after the temperature has been reched the burner shuts down and it doesn't go on anymore till the oven...
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  • I purchased a 1r-10-r range 240 3 phase Can it be converted to a 240 2 phase range!

    Our building only has 2 phase 240! Can this range be converted to two phase?
    George McPhee
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  • I have a Imperial double gas oven Speed baker that I need to convert to LP gas. I need to find out where I can get the LP orfices and what the regulator has to be set at.

    The Model No. is "CKR8411M-A-722R" and the Serial No. is "2881-KR831A" can you help me this information and would like to get manual and parts list if available.
    Rick Everhart
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  • Imperial Griddle Top Range Smothering

    have 3 griddle top ranges IR-G36-C all of them smother on the outside burners.  We have checked and set the pressure, resized the orifices, added additional air openings still smothering. Need Help
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  • wiring diagram imperial ICVG 2B convection oven

    Looking for wiring diagram did not find on imperial web site Mod: ICVG 2B S/N 05306114.  Thanks
    Larry Edwards
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  • Imperial ICV IVCE IVCG wiring diagram.pdf

    This document contains information for the following Imperial Range units: ICV wiring diagram IVCE wiring diagram IVCG wiring diagram
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  • Has anyone had success calibrating the Imperial Range teddington type grill thermostats

    Supposed to be able to get grill to 550F , brand new thermostat only going to 410F
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  • Imperial Outdoor Grill - Parts needed!

    I have an Imperial three burner outdoor BBQ I acquired in early 2004. I cannot find any parts for this unit. It has no model numbers to identify. I would hate to part with this grill as it has preformed exceptionally....
    Steve Bonfiglio
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  • fallo con el modulo de encendido

    saludos desde Panamá , me llamaron para dar servicio a un horno imperial modelo icvg-1 me encontré con que no enciende la llama el piloto chispea , verifique y me percate que no le llegan los 24 voltios ...
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  • imperial oven wont light

    I have a 36" Imperial true commercial range, has 4 burners, a salamander broiler/griddle and the lower oven.   Oven is not lighting.  I flip the on/off switch and have the temp setting about 250 and the...
    Ken Foo
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  • I have an Imperial 4" general circulation fan that has a broken cord at the fan body. Do you carry this part??

    Looking for a source for an electrical cord for a 4" Imperial general circulation fan...
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  • Imperial Cast Burner Control Knobs. (Big Blue)

    These knobs love to freeze on the burner valve stem. Is there an easy way to remove them with out breaking something or killing yourself.
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  • Imperial ICV convection oven, pilot sensing?

    On an Imperial ICV convection stove (6-8 yrs old), is there a termocouple or other device to signal the pilot is lit to allow gas to flow to the main mantel?  Our church just bought this building with the kitchen...
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