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Hello,looks like the updates that were coming weekly have stopped completely since the end of August,how do I get the updates emailed to me again?yes ,I am a subscriber and logged in. Thanks 
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the rest of the system will start. the compressor starts if I push in the contactor. no codes from the control board. the leds are working as they should have replaced a bad start relay. check all switches. unit is charged.
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 I have a Manitowoc SD0502A ice machine. It stopped producing Ice and after inspection of the machine I discovered that the silver round capacitor below the control board was bulging. I replaced the capacitor. After Moving the toggle switch to On position The machine starts its normal path to ice production,it will turn on, water curtain works and… (Show more)
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hi. i have a MIM452 and when i go to turn it on it makes the first batch of ice then stops. thats when the green light starts to flash. i hit the mode button to make ice again and it starts working. it only does one batch then have to hit the button every time.
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