• Bakers Pride Dante Series

    Im curious, been in this business 35 years, almost 20 on my own. Has anyone ever seen a price increase like the recent one on Bakers Pride Dante series burners? Part L5027V and a few of the other parts for this unit. ...
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  • Cfessa certification

    Hey now! I’m required to pass 2 cffesa tests this year and I’m still relatively new to this field,been doing it for going on 3 years now.Where do I start,what study guides are available and are there any o...
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  • Exploding refrigerator

    Here's the news: Refrigerator explodes inside family home in West Palm Beach    This explosion was probably due to our prevalent use of hydrocarbon-based refrigerants used in newer equipment nowadays. ...
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  • Combitherm Ovens

    Alto Shaam Combitherm Steam Convection Oven Model:  CTP20-20G Serial:  1504750-000 The call was ignition would not light, it has upper and lower ignition, electronic his, the upper ignition had an error c...
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  • Condenser filters: yes or no?

    What is your opinion / experience with some sort of filter media for condensers in air cooled, self contained units? Reach in fridges, freezers, sandwich prep tables, draft boxes etc.  There are some units near...
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  • It’s OFFICIAL…

    YESTERDAY, the company I once worked for shut its doors for good.    That company was home-base for my first (of only two) full-time jobs I’ve ever had since retiring from the Marine Corps.  In ...
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    Not mine, really.  Just where I work.  I did it.  It blew up because of something I did.   FIRST, PICTURE THIS IN A RESTAURANT KITCHEN:   One of those half-wall setups (about 5’ high) w...
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  • Importance of communication with customers

    Communication is so important in what we do as technicians.  Even after twenty years of doing this, I still sometimes forget to sufficiently grill the kitchen staff to gather all the facts before proceeding to th...
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  • Hobart mixer h600 speed 2 and 4 not engaging

    Wich shaft is gear 2 and 4 speed on? I have a feeling the key broke for those gears. Any ideas?
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  • My head hurts...

    I had it in HERE most of the day trying to resolve a problem:     So, I've got a head-ache....   I fixed it though.   That is all.
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  • R-290 PROPANE

    This is for all the cold side guys out there. Has anyone started to train and gather resources and training for R-290? We have some manufacturers that are converting over to propane in all their domestic units. I unde...
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  • Tech Supplies

    Haven't perused this yet, but maybe something more technician-oriented rather than catering to the DIYers who frequent here:   Technician Supplies
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  • Hobart AM 15

    I'm struggling with this door type Dishmachine on and off for awhile now.heres the issue: rinse temp is low.found that the contactor for booster heater is not getting voltage.coil voltage for booster contactor,one sid...
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    I was just thinking of some of the scenarios which I've been in while troubleshooting electrical equipment.   More often than not, my need for access to TWO test points in a circuit is restricted in some way....
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  • Special Tools For Jobs

    So I just commented on a post about a tool made by a manufacturer for install. Does anyone have some examples of custom tools used to install parts? My personal favorite is: APW Wyott 3023300 TOOL GREASE SEAL EXP...
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  • Your thoughts: do they make things like they used to?

    This previous post got me wondering: How often do you see what you'd consider to be "old" equipment in the field? What constitutes old to you? Do they still make things like they used to? What kind of equipment se...
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  • A little something to heat things up...

    A burner from a bakery oven I did some repairs to this week.  Gotta be tested before reinstalling.  Had some fun with it:  
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  • Call backs... Your always list?

    Your "ALWAYS LIST"   I worked for a company once that had a strange call back system. You could replace the faulty ignition module on a convection oven on Monday and leave with the unit working 100%. On Friday, ...
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  • Hussmann Goes For The Green

    The Hussmann Eco-Vision II Plus Walk In Door System is designed for low energy cost - check it out!
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  • Commercial Kitchen Sanitation Tips

    This article includes some good tips for keeping your commercial kitchen sanitary. Check it out - health comes first!
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