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I have a Atosa MGF8404 that does not work the fan evaporators... I have checked the power supply, and is OK, the control board and is OK, I checked the power to the fans and is OK, I replaced both fans but still does not work. I have replaced the control board and the power supply too. BUT problem persist. Compressor run fine and fan condenser too… (Show more)
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need breackdown manual for induction range vollarth 69508 thanks
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Power is on (lights, fan & oven control works). Gas is on (oven heats just fine) Assuming it is the broiler igniter - but do I have to access the back of the oven to test?   Thanks in advance!
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Alto Shaam Combitherm Steam Convection Oven Model:  CTP20-20G Serial:  1504750-000 The call was ignition would not light, it has upper and lower ignition, electronic his, the upper ignition had an error code E89, I replaced ignition module, I ohmed out the hsi, the ohm value was suppose to be between 40-60 ohms, it was open, I replaced the… (Show more)
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Old beverage air refrigerator. the new compressor is rated for 134 unit is r12 with cap tube. What needs to be done to change refrigerant to 134.  Usually, we work on walk-ins where we can change txv
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Click to view content  Where in the **** is all this stuff coming from?  Who DOES this?  Make it stop!
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Replaced compressor on a True Kegerator TDD-2CT with a correct Mastercraft compressor but only runs 15 seconds and shut off.
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Just started to hear a periodic scraping sound on the underside of the machine. Is it something I should be concerned about?
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pilot will stay lit for little while, sooner or later it goes out..It is not being from air movement..
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