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anybody knows the deault code for rational ovens
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Having problem with Power Transformer. Keeps geeting fried when we do a clean cycle. Any idea what would be causing this problem?
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Click to view contentJust wondering what type of equipment stands you guys have come across, my MSA 72 griddles weigh about 800 lbs.    What I see is essentially 6 sticks of pipe with 2 shelfs on it and they slide stem casters into the pipe and that's that.    Casters probably rated for 200 lbs a piece or so, 6 casters, 1200 lbs total capacity, throw an uneven floor… (Show more)
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Temp drops to about -5 but compressor doesn't stop (except during defrost cycle)  Had refrigerant added.  Little pressure drop when running. Should I suspect compressor id worn out?
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Hi Guys, Does anyone have Preventative Maint template/procedure for Rationals. The one I have is old (made it myself), and I usually go thru my own self taught procedure and I dont really use the list other than to remind myself what I've completed on the day... but now I have other techs working for me I need more precise checklists/procedures… (Show more)
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Cliff Roberts
do u have to drill out the old one or does it tap out?
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Im curious, been in this business 35 years, almost 20 on my own. Has anyone ever seen a price increase like the recent one on Bakers Pride Dante series burners? Part L5027V and a few of the other parts for this unit. The L5027V as of July was list price around $137, it went up in the beginning of August to $3128, yes you are reading this… (Show more)
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