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I have a tilt skillet that is not heating consistently doesnt stay on when i tested it during a failure, i found 16 volts going to the ignition module not 24v although when i went to test the transformer i found the transformer to be working fine. any ideas whats happening?  
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Model 648TCHSD.  It seems part # 2R-Z0934 are obsolete and no longer being made.  Anyone know of a replacement knob that's similar to the originals ?
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QM45A making very little ice, just changed water filter. I suspect it is a blinded air filter, but can't get back to the machine for a while. After changing water filter (probably for the first time) unit made about 2" of cubes after about 17 hours, I suspect the air filter assembly has never been looked at either. I'm just wanting to get some… (Show more)
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Hello fellow TechTOWN members! My colleagues from Technical support are looking for an expert from the cold side, and we figured that this is a great place to try!   This is a great position for someone looking to wind things down a bit. If it isn't a fit for you, but you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to forward to them.… (Show more)
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Hi Guys, Does anyone have Preventative Maint template/procedure for Rationals. The one I have is old (made it myself), and I usually go thru my own self taught procedure and I dont really use the list other than to remind myself what I've completed on the day... but now I have other techs working for me I need more precise checklists/procedures… (Show more)
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Looking for a trouble shot & code manual for a KTSR-1 model
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I have two imperial gas convection ovens. One will drop 25 degrees before recovering. The second drops 50 degrees before recovering. What would cause this to happen.
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I am curious if anybody has had these same issues? I have had to replace 2 lower and 1 upper exchanger as well as a steam generator, all of the blowers, burners, electrodes, gas valves, pumps, solenoids and a main PCB. We had really hard water and have since added a water softening system but they both had popping issues even though I was keeping… (Show more)
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I have a mod.#  SCC-62G that periodically shows a service code 21 and that it is in emergency mode.  According to the code sheet this is a faulty micro switch for the clima control.  The switch tests good.  It also states that the humidity control could be faulty. Is this humidity control inside the pipe that the humidity control motor is attached… (Show more)
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I have to order a part for the Blodgett XR8 and need the serial number.
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