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I know the top has to come off but i have tried to remove it and there is still something holding it down.
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I will probably make future orders with Partstown and need to know if you offer Veterans discounts.
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It seems as if they are glued in, Delfield sent new handles but not any silicone or adhesive. Any suggestions on the correct way to re,ove the handles without damaging the door.
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Hello all   I’ve been running into customers who have a capacitor box wired into their single phase power line to create a 3rd line that will allow their 3 phase equipment to operate. Have any of you seen this before? Do you know the configuration the capacitors need to be wired in? Does this kind of system strain the motor?   Thanks
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Click to view contentWe are conducting repair for an electric-heated combi-steamer with details as follows:   CONVOTHERM ELECTRIC COMBI-STEAMER MODEL OES 6.06 MINI; SERIAL FS808893000A300 FS8H D5512    VOLTAGE: 400V/50-60HZ/3N 5.7 KW 11.8A   We found out that the frequency inverter was defective so we purchase one to a local dealer in Singapore and install.  See… (Show more)
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getting amp draw to the glow igniter but not firing. Does that mean i have a bad igniter
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I have a Southbend S24E range/oven. The oven is used for plate warming during service. It is kept at around 200 degrees. Every night the oven will go out and needs relighting (Pushing the pilot knob and on from there). We made sure the wires are tight on the valve and replaced the thermopile. It still goes out. Would replacing the valve help… (Show more)
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Hey Guys.   I've got 2 KGL 100's, and 1 bigger one with an agitator but the same parts used for the kettle as the other ones.   So here's what I got.   Original complaint 3 or 4 weeks ago, "It's not getting hot enough" so I checked the pot, it was doing it's thing, 0 ohms at 10 and 50K at low. I then checked the thermister at room temp it was… (Show more)
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