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Ice will not release from evaporator even after moving ice thickness bridge float. Ice will come off after the 45 minutes time out. 
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Non-profit and need to fix machine but need to order the right part   Spark Electrode or another part?
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Frig was turned on right away after it was horizontal for about 1 hour of transport. It ran for a day and wouldn`t get below 40 degrees. Will turning it off for 24 hourshelp return any oil that might have bled into the refrigerant line back into the compressor?
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Southbend commercial oven, it turns on ( the orange LED at the front) and after 2 second you hear a click sound ( a relay on the board ) and the LED turns off. If it turns on the temperature doesn't stay to the set temperature for more than 5 minutes. 
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Joe Arnold
Pilot ignites but i cant get it to stay lit when i let the switch out.
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David Paul
It was fresh water. so I sprayed fan motor with wd40 turns free.. HELP!!!!
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andy z
silver king meat freezer is flashing E0 on display what does this mean 
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Looking for a Eurodib sirman pdr3000 repair/parts manual
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Derek Richesin
I have Scotsman NU130 nugget icemaker. Water continually runs and overflows reservoir and even lifting blue Float Valve lever to off position, water flow is decreased but continues to run. What's the probable cause and and solution? Thanks!!
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