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jerry petersen
have went thru 3 switches in 3 weeks.   what's up with that?  globe pf32e thanx jerry
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God knows I am going to regret asking, but I just got off phone with one of my clients who "claims" their 1 year old Alto 20-20 gas combi overheated causing the glass panels to explode? Ugh, 35 years and I have never ever heard of or seen this happen, personally think they stuffed doors on dolly or ran into unit and dont want to fess up, has… (Show more)
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So I just commented on a post about a tool made by a manufacturer for install. Does anyone have some examples of custom tools used to install parts? My personal favorite is: APW Wyott 3023300 TOOL GREASE SEAL EXPANDER | Parts Town  No matter how many times I have told a tech to order it to make their life easier they fight it and call back and… (Show more)
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Anyone else having problems with TS11 Pizza Oven conversions from old Mercury FMEA valves? TS11 valves seem to overheat in some older ovens causing frequent pilot outage. Doesn't matter Bari, Bakers Pride, Blodgett... I thought I remember ready somewhere that Baso Pilot safety valves could handle the heat better Though that's not the recommended… (Show more)
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patrick burke
i bought a blodgett dual oven 2 stacking oieces   I would like to get a base for it.  I cannot locate a serial number or model number just a patent #4516012    HELP
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Hopper cover biro mini 32 mixer grinder.  Fig 116 item # 63095
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hussain kedwaii
I have bought Master-bilt IHC - 48 frezer, it came with the shelves by there is no part on the walls to hang the shelves
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rhondo reversible sheeter moves 1 way but does not move in opposite direction when belt is tightened. But moves when no tension with belt on.   Any info would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks
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My True GDM-12 refrigerator has gone warm. How do I find the cause of the problem?
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I find that the mixer I just got is making some noise when mixing  the ex-owner said that it may need Oil I think that the unit use grease what do I do
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