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Just ordered for an under counter space we are making in a wine bar area.  Concerned about it draining out the back onto the floor under new counters.  
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There seems to be ice forming in the water trough which prevents the water from pumping after about 3 to 4 minutes.  Any suggestions as to what would cause this?
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The gas supply line I am referring to is the largest aluminum line on the stove. It connects to both the oven regulator and the stove top regulator.
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SF 70 Saturn Fryer, pilot will not stay on. Just onstalled a new 750 millivolt power generator that the pilot flame impinges on and is red hot,  Do I need a new thermostat or gas valve?
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hosizaki box crmr60-12 f50600b thermostat 3a6755-03 no longer available, don't see retrofit kit mentioned?
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We have a BKI combi model TE061 that has an error code of E15, does anybody know what this is.
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I have  stoelting sf144-38I soft serve running in an ice cream truck. It is running for ever without going into "SERVE" MODE. The soft serve doesn't come out firm either.  The temperature outside here in sacramento is around 100 degrees and inside the truck is very hot too but the manual stated that this machine can work in temp up to 122 degrees.… (Show more)
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Model 648TCHSD.  It seems part # 2R-Z0934 are obsolete and no longer being made.  Anyone know of a replacement knob that's similar to the originals ?
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