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the valves have same numbers but one  have a threadded connection the new one have a different type is this a replaced for the old valve if so how do i connect
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Can I replace the blade on my globe 4913 myself or does it require a tech??
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I need to order a heating element but I want to be sure of the correct part number because of the considerable expense
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I have a Nemco super shot streamer and the gasket went bad. I have a new gasket but not sure how to attach it
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is the thermostat or the safety valve responsible for the flame size in the oven. we can't get much heat.
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Kevin Carper
When plugged into a GFI with the temp.control turned on the GFI trips. When plugged into the GFI with the temp control set at 0 GFI does not trip. Set the control temp to any temperature the grill heats up to that set temp and right when the pilot light turns off the GFI trips. Would this be caused by a bad thermostat. 
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I have a hobart d300 mixer at a job thats leaking out the cavity on the bottom of the pto cone. Any ideas on what would cause that?
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The propane exhaust manifold is directly above the igniter and burner. one on each side of the oven and very difficult to get to. a Hobart tech fixed it the first time but it didn't last.  I found that the "L" brackets were a little bowed and straghtened them out and retightened.  even replacet the "L" brackets.  I was thinking that the oven my… (Show more)
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Terry Sikes
What is causing this.  Have replaced the seal 2 times still have problem.
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Good morning I got two mobile heated pan cabinets Cres Cor model H137-UA-12D that are not reaching proper temperatures at my school kitchen where can I get service at the Colorado area.
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